The goal of your Pilates website is to sell the services you provide to your clients, new or existing. Everything on your site needs to be focused on that.

In previous articles, we've written about what you need to include on your website, how content can help build your search ranking, and why blogging is so important. Another key component related to those topics is how you focus your content.

Don't Sell the Features; Sell the Benefits

This is a key to successful marketing. Too often, we see Pilates websites that simply have a list of services the studio provides:

  • Mat classes
  • Reformer Group Classes
  • Individual Instruction
  • Duet Instruction
  • Et cetera

Now, you certainly need to have this information on your site, of course, because people already familiar with Pilates will want to see what you offer. But for the newcomer to Pilates, this information means absolutely nothing.

Keep this in mind:

When someone is looking at your website, they're searching for a solution to a problem they have. They have questions; your website needs to provide the answer.

For someone new to Pilates, you need to focus on how your studio can help them with their problem. That means that you need to have content on your website that:

  • Shows how Pilates is beneficial for back pain patients, pregnancy, posture improvement, and all of the other reasons that people first try Pilates.
  • Describes the philosophy of Pilates and how it helps improve core strength and wellness.
  • Describes the benefits of private instruction.
  • Describes the benefits of mat classes.

Features vs Benefits

Here's an example of selling the benefits versus selling the features of your studio:

Here's a feature:

Private instruction available

Here's how you turn that into a benefit: 

"Pilates is a system of exercise that helps you build a strong, healthy body through careful, controlled movements. It's the perfect way to create a balance and fitness. Private instruction is recommended when starting Pilates, as it helps you get started with good habits and our instructors can tailor your workout specifically for your needs."

"After a few sessions of private instruction where you learn the basics of Pilates, you can then move on to our group classes."

By explaining the benefit to the client, you've turned cryptic "Private instruction," into something that educates the client and starts them off right on their Pilates journey.

For more information about getting new clients, we recommend our Guide to Pilates Websites and our Guide to Marketing Your Pilates Studio.

If you have any questions about our services, give us a call today at (855) 780-1081 and one of our marketing experts will be happy to help.

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