You know how amazing Pilates is. As an instructor, you see how your clients benefit from regular Pilates practice every day when you go to the studio. Sadly, most people don't know anything about Pilates. Only 3% of the public practices Pilates on a regular basis, which is frustrating, because many more people could benefit from it.

The key to growing your studio is to help people learn about Pilates.

Your website and online marketing are important tools to help spread the word about Pilates, but specifically, educate people about how it can help them improve their health. The scientific research on the benefits of Pilates is clear; now we just need to get that information into the hands of the 97% of the population who knows nothing about Pilates.

Here are some of the ways that you can use your online marketing to educate people about Pilates:

  1. Use our Pilates Content System. Each of our Pilates websites includes a complete library of Pilates articles that discuss a particular topic, with a citation to the bibliographical reference. Today, it's not enough to simply make a claim about Pilates can help; you need to show proof and there's plenty of scientific evidence out there. Our articles give you a jumpstart.
  2. Share Pilates news on social media. We cover all of the latest Pilates scientific research on our blog, and you can sign up for updates. When a new article is published, share those on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's the perfect way to spread the word.
  3. Write up client testimonials as case reports. Many people first try Pilates because of some kind of pain; back pain is a common problem that we see in Pilates studios. With your client's permission, write up how a client was able to overcome a problem with Pilates. A video testimonial is good to include with this post. The video is great for sharing your client's story, but a written post will help with your search optimization.
  4. Blog about the news. When you see an article in the news related to some kind of health problem that Pilates can help, write about it and show the connection to Pilates.

If you would like to improve your Pilates website or get some help with online marketing, give us a call today at (855) 780-1081.

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