In a previous article, we've written about how important it is for you to have quality content on your Pilates website. Google's search algorithm is pretty impressive, but it's not psychic. If you want Google to know what services you provide, you need to tell it, and that means having articles and blog posts on your site that describes the work you do.

We can't help you with writing about your training and experience, but we can help you with some other important content that you need to have on your site: the benefits of Pilates.

As an instructor, you know that Pilates has real benefits for a variety of musculoskeletal and health issues. There's an impressive body of scientific literature each year that demonstrates the effectiveness of Pilates (you can read the latest Pilates news on our site Wellness Discover).

Research shows that many people first start Pilates because they have some kind of musculoskeletal pain, typically back pain. But there are many, many people in your community who have those problems and who could benefit from your work...but don't know anything about Pilates and how it can help.

To make your life easier, we've created a library of Pilates articles that are customized for your studio. These are included with your new Waxwing Pilates website, at no extra charge.

These articles serve two purposes:

  1. They clearly explain the benefits of Pilates for each condition with scientific references for extra credibility.
  2. They help you rank in the search engines for specific key phrases, like "Pilates back pain."

Of course, with our content management system, you can add any of your own articles to your site at any time, but these articles give you jumpstart in building a solid Google presence.

If you have questions about our content library or any of our other website and marketing services, give us a call at (855) 780-1081 or contact us here.

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