Getting your Pilates website to the top of the search rankings is important if you want people to find your studio. There are a lot of factors that Google uses when determining how to rank your site, and we cover those topics here, but one of the factors that many studio owners have trouble with is content.

Content is critical, because without it, your clients (and Google) will have no idea about what your business does and what kind of services you provide.

When we first get your new Pilates website online, the first thing we do is instruct Google to index your site via the Google Search Console. This is a great, free service that Google provides to webmasters that allows you to request indexing, and allows us to monitor your site and make sure it's optimized correctly.

A few days after we request indexing, Google will scan your website pages and analyze the content (articles and blog posts) that you have there. After the analysis, Google can determine how to index your website and when to display it to people doing a web search for Pilates.

And that's why content is so important! You need to have unique content on your website that describes the five Ws:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

By writing about the Five Ws, you're going to answer your clients' questions and make it easier for Google to index and rank your website.

#1: Who?

Who are you and your staff and what makes you qualified to help people new to Pilates? Clients want to know about you before they make their first appointment.

#2: What?

What is Pilates and what services do you provide? Many new clients don't know anything about Pilates and its benefits, so let them know how you can help them improve their health with Pilates.

#3: When?

What are your studio hours? This is one of the most common bits of information that people will be searching for on your site.

#4: Where?

Where are you located? This is especially important with Google's focus on providing local search results. Make sure you have your address and an embedded Google map on your site to make it easy for people to find your studio. (We take care of this with all of our Pilates websites, automatically.)

#5: Why?

There are a lot of why questions to answer on your site:

  • Why should a client choose your studio? 
  • Why are you unique?
  • Why is Pilates good for certain health conditions?
  • Why is Pilates better than some other types of exercise programs?

How We Can Help

Our Waxwing Pilates sites are configured to take care of some of these issues for you automatically. We help you take care of the Five Ws in three ways:

  • We've programmed our sites to make it easy for Google to index your site's address, contact information, and studio hours.
  • Our Pilates Content Library comes pre-loaded on your site with articles that describe the benefits of Pilates for some of the common motivations for new clients.
  • Our easy-to-use Content Management System allows you to login at any time and add or edit articles and blog posts on your site.
  • Our US-based support staff is here to help you with editing your site and answering any questions about optimizing your site for success.

Getting your Pilates business online can be stressful and a bit overwhelming. At Waxwing, we're here to make your life easier and help you create a great web experience for your clients.

If you have any questions about our services, give us a call today at (855) 780-1081 or contact us here for more information.

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