As a Pilates or yoga studio owner, you know that you need to have a website for your business. But deciding how to proceed can be difficult and confusing.

Cheap web services like SquareSpace or Wix don't provide the quality of features and support that you need, and they're generally bad at helping you rank well in the search results.

On the other extreme, many studios hire someone to build a custom website. Custom designs usually start at $1000, which can be too much for many small businesses. Custom-built sites can also cause problems when you need to update or modify your site, as there can be extra fees for that, as well.

At Waxwing, we've created an affordable website solution that simply makes your life easier.

Our Pilates Website Service provides you with everything you need for success, but for a reasonable monthly fee. Your new website with Waxwing includes:

Free phone and email support

You're busy managing your studio; you don't have time to wait for help with your website. At Waxwing, all of our support staff is located in the US and we're here to answer your questions, help you modify your website, and make any changes you need.

We usually resolve all support tickets on the same day we receive them.

Pilates and yoga SEO content

One of the keys to ranking well in the Google search results is to have quality content on your site related to Pilates or yoga. In our experience, most studio owners don't have the time to write custom articles, so we take care of this for you with a library of content that will help you rank in your city for important keywords.

Reliable web hosting

A solid web host is so important, for a few reasons.

First, Google considers PageSpeed as one of the ranking factors for your website, and if your site is slow or unoptimized, it can hurt you in the search rankings. At Waxwing, we manage our own web servers to assure that they display your page quickly.

Second, a slow web experience is very frustrating to your clients. Research shows that if a site takes too long to load, people will move on and find another website.

Third, security is critical. You can't afford to have your website hacked or compromised. This is a common problem with WordPress sites and is one of the reasons we recommend against using WordPress for your website. At Waxwing, we built our own content management system which includes a variety of security measures to make sure that your site is safe and reliable.


In 2018, Google announced that all websites should have SSL to protect client data. They made it clear that sites with SSL would be given precedence over those without it and that site security is a basic function that all sites must have.

Many of our competitors will charge extra for SSL certificates for your site. At Waxwing, this basic security is included at no extra charge to you.

Domain registration and renewal

We help you choose a domain name for your site and take care of the registration and renewal. It's just one less thing you need to worry about.

The domain belongs to you, though, and we're happy to transfer that to you if you ever choose to go a different route with your website.

Themes and styles

It's important to have a site that is modern and matches your practice. Our site editor includes a variety of themes and styles that you can choose from.

Responsive design for mobile devices

Most of the traffic to your website is going to be through mobile devices, so your site needs to be configured to work perfectly on phones and tablets. All of our themes are programmed to be responsive, which means that they work seamlessly on all devices.

An easy site editor

It's critical that you're able to make changes to your site whenever you need to do that, and our proprietary content management system allows you to add or modify pages and upload photos and videos.

Social media integration

Your Waxwing site includes links to all of your social media accounts, which makes it easy for clients to find you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

In addition, any blog posts you write can be submitted directly to your social media accounts, automatically.

Your own blog

Google likes websites that are regularly updated, and a blog is the perfect way to add new articles to your site and stay in touch with your clients. Your Waxwing site includes an easy-to-use blog feature that will post automatically to your social media accounts.

Online scheduling, coming soon

Online scheduling is a critical feature for most studios, but it often requires using different services and trying to link them together. Our developers are currently working on an integrated scheduling system that will be seamlessly integrated into your Waxwing site. Stay tuned for our announcements on this exciting new feature.

Everything you need

For the first time, you can get all of the advantages and features of a custom yoga or Pilates website, but at a much lower cost. 

If you have any questions about our service or you're ready to get started, please give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or schedule a 1-on-1 appointment today to talk to one of our marketing experts.

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